Good Gladioli Goes Glam – Easy Table Centerpiece Idea

Glamourous Gladiolus in Red

A bunch of gladiolus flowers is a sight to behold. The most easiest flower arrangement option is to pop these lovely flowers into the crystal and enjoy them each day. Gladiolus blooms every day as many of the buds open up slowly. There are always fresh blooms midst the wilting ones.

And it is no less when it comes to being a stunner for they are also known as sword lilies. Claude Monet was inspiredd enough by his gladioli to paint them in oils (circa 1876).

Since Gladioli are the cheapest flowers for floral arrangements in the Indian market, they do not enjoy the status of roses, lilies or orchids. But I’d say it is one of the most beautiful flowers that is found everywhere. Each little flower on the bunch is a beauty by itself. They are beautiful even when dry.

When the gladioli flowers start to dry, hang the bunch upside down and let them dry in a shade. They don’t lose too much color and still look beautiful. These flowers are here to stay.

For those who think it is a flower of last resort for floral arrangement, see how chic it can be with a little bit of embellishment. Here is a the most quickest way to enlivening your dinner table with nothing but a bunch of gladioli and a string of fairy lights. I made this arrangement in few minutes without a plan. Party table arrangement cannot get any simpler than this.

Simple floral decoration idea for your next party

Flower Arrangement with Gladioli and Fairy Lights
I have worked with many colors of gladioli before but something about this deep red color caught my eye. I never worked with red so I picked it to see what I’d end up doing with it. It is always nice to pick up something at random, follow your instinct, and create something new.

Trim the flowers stems with a sharp blade/ knife. Searing of stem ends is not necessary for gladioli if they are freshly picked. Remove any old wilting flowers from the base. Remove excess leaves from the stalks as they make the water muddy/ slimy faster.

Take care to keep the electrical connection safe and away from flowers and water.

I created a circle of twinkling fairy lights strand and placed the vase in the middle. I did not place the lights in the flowers as I did not want whatever minuscule heat of the LEDs to touch the blooming petals.

The best option was to place the soft fairy light below and up light the arrangement. And of all the colors, I chose red lights to go with the red flowers just so as to surprise myself with the outcome… though it was the combination I would never have otherwise tried.

Switch on the lights. And lo behold!

Wedding and Parties Table Centerpiece Idea with Fresh Cut Flowers and Fairy Lights

This floral decoration works great for weddings, birthdays or any special occasions where there are many tables that need to be embellished. What a sight it would be with tables full of flowers up-lit in soft lights.

They are a lovely serene sight during the day; scorching red stunners by night.

Please do try!

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