Ochre Explosion – Acrylic Painting with Knife

Burst of Color & Emotions - Acrylic Colors on Palette Knife

Burst of Color & Emotions – Acrylic Colors on Palette Knife

There is something about this painting that makes it one of my favorites. An explosion of colors and a burst of emotions. This painting was done with acrylic colors – base black, earthy brown, occult ochre to bright yellow.

These are the wonders a simple palette knife can do. Those who are hooked to painting with knives would agree with me. You, do try it once.

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  1. says..

    This one is like spring to me, or perhaps pure joy that comes from within, yet unknown. It brings to my inner eye….a bursting of seasons…the core of life.

    Always keep painting………always keep inspiring. You are wonderful.

    Mystic Peace Poet

  2. says..

    Beautiful… Your paintings are like lovely deep mysteries… intrguing and creative.
    I have seen artists do knife paintings.. but I have never tried it. Can yoiu please share with me tutorial or sites that explain the basics?

    • says..

      Iniyaal: Before going to any tutorial or website, take a palette knife/ brush and some paints and try to paint anything you like or just follow the strokes. If you end up liking the way the knife and paints move on the canvas or paper… then go ahead and learn more about it.

      Some people have it easy with water colors while some cant do without oils. Its all about exploring and falling in love with it. I have tried all mediums but oils are my personal favorite.

      Thank you so much for your comments on my paintings. I will share all that I know about paints… but first you will have to fall in love with the media. Go ahead and make all the mistakes… for it the only best way to learn. Its great to be self taught.

      As for knife paintings… it is great once you get the hang of it. And I am still learning. Good luck to you.

  3. says..

    Thank you Ishrath :)
    I am currently trying out charcoals and pastels and most of what I know is self-taught.
    I do have a palette knife in one of my art brush sets. What paints do I have to use… oil? I will try it out as you suggested.

  4. MichelleEllyn says..

    This painting really spoke to me and inspiredd me to make a version of my own in acrylic. Thank you for the inspiration!


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