Best Abstract Artists on the Web

I love abstract art for as long as I can remember. And here are some the abstract art painters that I admire.

There are many wonderful abstract artists all over the world that I know and I dont know of. Here are a few that I have come across in my online-lifetime. I will append this list as and when I discover many more masters.

I am also including a photo each of their paintings that I like so you will also get an idea of what kind of abstracts I have listed down here. Please help me update this list for it is always a joy to see new artwork, colors, compositions, and style.

Here they are, in their true colors (and in alphabetical order)

Amy Tuso

Most of her artwork is queer and energetic to look at. Bold colors, freehand lines, textures, and more. Very inspiring to say the least.

Amy Tuso

Anne Stahl

Deep strokes, soothing hues, heavy impressions – make Anne Stahl. Check out her calm and strong works on her gallery.

Anna Stahl

Carol Nelson

Short of calling her my abstract guru, her paintings are down-to-earth, balanced and worthy of a proud display in any room. Check out her works that urge me to keep going on.

Carol Nelson

Lena Karpinsky

Sells like hot cakes is what I read; but dont you think you got to have one of her works in your home?

Lena Karpinsky

Osnat Tzadok

Her paintings are spectacular, decorative and beautiful. She has mastered the art of pouring acrylics and has some amazingly great collection – most of which is sold. She is also one of the internet selling success story.

Osnat Tzadok

Do you know of any abstract artists who could be  apart of this list?
There are so many artists all over the world making spectacular, stunning works of art all the time. If only I could see more. Please add on to this list if you know of any such wonderful abstract art painters.

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  1. says..

    greetings, i would like to be a part of this community. i know my work is worthy and very special. see it and learn about me on my website. yhank you, jean delerno

  2. says..

    I love the work of Tony R. Whincup. He is currently living in Las Vegas, and has been painting for over 30 years. Maybe I am just biased because I am friends with him, but I love his use of color, composition, and subjects.
    He is currently making available some limited edition giclees on a few websites. One that comes to mind is
    I feel Tony R. Whincup is one of the most profilic, successful abstract artist painters so far in the 21st century.

  3. says..

    Jean & Tony’s Friend: Thank you for wandering by… I will see these works soon. It is always inspiring and heartwarming to see artwork from around the world. Thanks for sharing your links.

    For all you painters out there… keep creating. It is life.

  4. esther mahia says..

    can you send me your email to be able to sending you a really fantastic and colorful artist.
    that i really hope do you like it
    yours sincerely Esther